Top Seven Pitfalls of Small Business Marketing Online

In the modern age, many business marketing practices that once were the staple of companies worldwide, have become widely less effective. At the turn of the century, cutting edge companies began seeking opportunities on the internet, and in recent years, even small local businesses have started to follow suit.No online PresenceNot having a website in today’s business client is like not having a store twenty years ago. A website is the online embassy of your business, your “virtual storefront”. By providing an outlet for consumers to interact with your company on the internet, you build brand reputability, awareness and yes, a larger consumer base. There are some consumers, and the number is growing rapidly each day, that solely rely on the internet for all of their functional needs, such as finding businesses and services, shopping, research etc. Without a proper online presence, you are potentially missing out on this entire demographic of web savvy consumers.Too much direct mail/offline tacticsWith so much direct mail, radio ads and newspaper advertisements floating around, the power of offline marketing has become very diluted. However, especially within the realm of local small business, the online realm provides a great opportunity to get noticed in a relatively less competitive space.Too much PPCWhile PPC is a great knockout punch for an online campaign, it can only go so far. Many marketers refer to PPC as the “crack” of online marketing. This means that while it can provide your business with a nice high point in traffic, etc. it must continuously be fed to keep you on that same level. A proper SEO campaign can provide much higher return on investment and lasting sustainability. I’m not saying PPC is a bad thing, however it should be supplemented into a large mix of tactics, and should not be your sole resource of traffic.No social media presenceSocial media is a great way to interact with consumers and potential clients. Social media provides a personal face to your business and builds trust and recognition for your brand. Without this aspect of online marketing, there is not only no way for you to interact with consumers, but no way to gauge your online presence and reputation from a social aspect online.Website out of dateIf your website was built five years ago, chances are it is out of date. By this I mean your website was probably designed using older design software and techniques and has a very dated look. This can be very off putting to consumers. Secondly, the way search engines interact with websites has changed drastically in the past few years and the way older websites were coded make it difficult for search engines to find and crawl the site. A new fresh clean website will provide your business with a cutting edge image and when your marketing efforts drive traffic to your site, they won’t turn and run.Sending the Wrong MessageMany think of tactics such as social media for instance as ways for their businesses to sell to customers, however this might not be farther from the truth. In fact, social media is the exact opposite. Consumers are looking for something free. While I’m not saying they expect you to give products away to all your Facebook fans, there are other free things that will spark interest such as free content, free advice, free tips and free consultations.No SEOWhile you may have the greatest website in the world, if no one is finding it, it is useless. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have become the number one way consumers find businesses online, so if you are not ranked highly on these sites, you are missing a huge opportunity. A great SEO strategy will have you climbing up the search engine ranks in no time.

Business Traffic Secrets – What You Don’t Know is Costing You

It can be very discouraging when you think about the thousands of people that fail in online business everyday. So many people go into it expecting to become rich, retire, fire their boss, and whatever crazy hype some of these businesses claim you will be able to do. Why is it that these people do not succeed in their goals? It is because they are missing out on the key business traffic secrets.

I will never claim that I can help someone get rich quick. If someone tells you that, run the other way. I can, however, tell you some of the business traffic secrets that the top income earners online are using. I can do this because I have been learning from them, and applying the skills that I have been learning.

What is it that the top income earners are doing that most people aren’t. For starters, they understand that bothering your friends, family, and people in the mall who have no interest in building a business is not the way to succeed. You do not waste your time trying to convince people that they want to join your business. The top income earners have people asking them if they can join their business. How is this done? This should not be something that is considered a secret, but considering how few people do it, I guess it is. Marketing!!! You do not chase people down to join your business. You put your business out there, preferably in a place that someone you would want in your business is going to see it, and you let them come to you.

Every successful online marketer out there will tell you that the key to building a big business is creating a big list. The bigger the list, the more interested prospects you have, the more people will become a part of your business. So how do you build a list? Well, I mentioned in the previous paragraph letting the people who are interested in your business come to you. Obviously, they need a place to come to. Here is one of the business traffic secrets used by all of the top earners. Get an auto-responder. An auto responder is one of the key tools that you need to build your business. Not only is it crucial for gathering potential customer/partner information, it is a great way to keep in touch with everyone. You can use it to send out offers, promote products, even teach. I personally use mine to give out my free 7 day boot camp on online marketing. If you are trying to build a business, and you are lacking an auto-responder, get one.

PPC. Another one of the business traffic secrets that top earners use is Pay Per Click Advertising. This is a tough one for many people, especially since advertising budgets are often little to none. If you do have a little extra money to invest in your business, it is a great way to start building your list quickly.

Article Marketing is another huge one of the business traffic secrets. It is free, so if you do not have a budget, that is fine. You simply sign up for one of many free article marketing sites (I recommend Ezine), and you are able to start writing your first article. There are a lot of tricks to successful article writing. If you are just starting out with it, I highly suggest getting educated in it before you go writing too many articles.

Squidoo is yet another one of the business traffic secrets that you can use. It is also another free resource. You are able to create a lens (page) about your topic, add writing, pictures, videos, etc, and promote your business or products.

I just briefly touched upon a few of the business traffic secrets out there. These simply little things are part of why some people succeed, and most people do not. There is a lot to be learned about each of the strategies mentioned. If you are seriously looking to build a successful, profitable business, I can help.